The structure of presentations

A number of presentations were developed covering the research phase and the findings and recommendationss.

Research Phase

The Research Phase presentations covered the rationale for the project and type of information required. Prospective researchers in countries beyond SADC may benefit from following a similar approach when needing to gather Engineering Numbers and Needs data.  Presentations delivered in Angola, the DRC and Lusaka are included to cover the three official languages used when conducting SADC business.

Findings and Recommendations

Presentations covering the Findings and Recommendations are included to give a sense of the challenges which need to be addressed regionally and per country. Approval for the report was given by the Ministers of Tertiary Education, Science and Technology from Member States after the presentation delivered at their annual meetings in Namibia in June 2019. Subsequent presentations have been delivered to create awareness of the Findings and Recommendations and to get as many involved in projects to address the recommendations as possible. Sadly, with the advent of Covid, these projects never went ahead.