Welcome to the SADC Engineering Numbers & Needs site. SAICE Professional Development and Projects (SAICE-PDP) was appointed by the South African Department of Science and Technology to carry out a study of engineering capacity in the region. This study was commissioned on behalf of the Ministers of Tertiary Education, Science & Technology in the Member States, to determine whether there was adequate engineering capacity to deal with industrialisation, infrastructure development and associated economic growth. The study commenced in the second quarter of 2017 and was completed in December 2018.

The study looked at the supply of engineering graduates through tertiary education, the engineering skills base per country, projects to be developed and each sector in which engineering skills were required, to determine the gaps and what possible interventions may be required to address such gaps. For more detail, see Project Overview under the About Us tab.

The questionnaires used for the study, the presentations given to elicit data and those given after the study outlining the challenges and possible solutions are included on the site. The main report and individual country reports are also available to download. Before downloading, however, we ask that you let us have your name, contact details and institution, to give us a sense of who is using the information and for what purpose.

If you have ideas to share – particularly successful engineering skills development approaches, please share these with us.